Computers and technology

Pankkiautomaattikortit turvallisia
A rebuttal of common concerns over ATM card security (Turned down by ESS.)
decoy’s HTML tutorial
A short introduction to HTML development
A brief look at file format design
An article on file formats (Appeared in HUGI #14.)
Blur does not equal anti‐aliasing
An article on blurring vs. anti‐aliasing (Appeared in HUGI #14.)
Why BWT works
An article on why the Burrows‐Wheeler transformation works (Appeared in HUGI #14.)
Oversampling and bitstream methods in audio
An introduction to oversampling and bitstream methods plus some SACD bashing
Things to know about color
A brief treatment of color in the context of physics, perception and computers (being written)
Text, technology, i18n and art
Some talk on text, technology, i18n and the aesthetic of writing (being written)
Sampling basics
A newbie introduction to sampling and bandlimited signals (being written)
Labelling recyclable information
A concept in marking OpenContent
Naming them DAML unproperties
A discussion piece about DAML naming conventions and relation types
Eigen‐WOT, or linear algebraic trust metrics
A discussion piece about eigenmethods in computing trust metrics (being written)

Politics and advocacy

Nälkälakkoa Yhteiskoulussa
A counter to Mira Heija’s LTE which asked for a vegetarian alternative to public school meals (Appeared in ESS in 1996.)
Järjestävästä seurasta
A critique of attitudes common in the Finnish military (Turned down by ESS.)
An LTE on youth and politics (Appeared in ESS on 1999–08–11.)
The price of online collectivism
Thoughts on how collectivism is taking its toll on the Internet
This thing called kiddie porn
My take on the subject of child pornography
Disseminating information about drugs
A comment on a recurring theme in the drug debate, truthful information
The Tobin tax, or, whatta fuck?
A short objection to the concept of funds transfer taxation
Just harmless fun
Counterpoint to accompany Enough is Enough’s porn critique
Huumetestit hyödyttömiä
A counter‐argument to an LTE arguing for workplace drug testing (Turned down by ESS.)
Vapaus valita
A counter‐argument to an LTE arguing against DEFENS’s agenda (Appeared in ESS on 2001–08–18.)
IP and geek‐do
My entry to the WIPOUT intellectual property essay contest (Appeared on the contest website.)
Heimovaltaa vastaan
A counter‐argument to an anti‐liberty LTE by Risuparta (Appeared in UL on 2001–10–31.)
Todellisen kapitalismin, eli yksilövallan, ABC
A more truthful variation of The ABC of Capitalism
Politiikasta yksilöllisyyteen
A counter‐argument to the third anti‐liberty LTE by Risuparta (Appeared in UL on 2001–11–28.)
The Point of War
The point of war is not to win. It’s to kill. A lot.
Logiikka ja hyvä argumentaatio keskustelussa
An essay about the necessity of logic and argumentation analysis in discussion.
Lakimiesten palkkiot korkeintaan oire
An LTE about lawyers’ fees and troubles with law. (Turned down by HS.)
Ripari ei ole tarpeellinen
An LTE about the problems with confirmation camps. (Appeared in HS on 2003–07–29.)

Art and culture

About MP3’s
An article about MP3 encoded music in the demoscene (Appeared in HUGI #15.)
Descriptions of time in music
Some views and criticism on current approaches to specifying time in music
Buffy, bound to please
Some ideas on BtVS’s liberal representation of gender and sexuality
Electronica vs. aesthetics
Some thoughts on why electronica presses us to think of music as devoid of meaning (being written)