Libertarian diaries

These pages are the place where I collect facts and factlets about libertarianism, my chosen political ideology, and all sorts of stuff from around the topic. I have no rigid plans on what these pages might eventually contain; this will be a highly evolutionary project, and a long lasting one at that. This document does not aim at anything truly significant, except perhaps at converting the reader to the true libertarian faith… I encourage you to email me in case my text proves able to provoke an interesting thought, praise or criticism.

Table of Contents

Debunking the hoopla
Criticisms of chosen anti‐liberty texts

Miscellaneous stuff

Frequently asked questions about libertarianism
Why fines?
A few points about why we should fine instead of jailing (being written)
Libertarianism and the Economic Man
Why we should take the homo oeconomicus postulate seriously, despite the criticism
So what’s this utility, anyway?
Some thoughts on what utilitarianism is, and what it could become (being written)
Libertarian keywords
Reflections on core concepts of libertarian theory (being written)
IP and effective incentive
A take on why IP isn’t the only reason to produce intangibles (being written)
Libertarian quotes
Some libertarian earth‐shakers
Anti‐libertarian quotes
Some anti‐libertarian gems