Overthrowing the tyranny of the status quo

Anti‐libertarian ideologies




 ‐capitalism poisoned

Extended democracy

 ‐current representative democracy with its supporting institutions is a way
  to lubricate democracy so that it can deal with stuff which shouldn’t be
  democratically decided in the first place
  ‐rounding out dissent
  ‐delegation of power which shouldn’t be delegated
 ‐the only way to guarantee protection for individuals/minorities in democracy
  is to require absolute superdemocracy, that is, unanimity
  ‐this only works when democracy is scaled back to a small enough crowd,
   where it’s supposed to be used (cf. Greek city states)
 ‐proportional elections
  ‐increasing returns to scale
  ‐meant to make all votes count for the issue/ideology they were cast to
   ‐there are better ways
 ‐the current idea of elections, per se
  ‐elections no work by statistical sampling
   ‐too many candidates, too few voters
   ‐sampling errors grow large
    ‐losing votes no longer count
  ‐representative power should rather be connected to the number of votes
   behind a candidate
 ‐unlimited democracy
  ‐democracy should be for common issues, only
  ‐hence, there are natural limits to democracy
  ‐classical liberals usually posit the limits in the form of individual
   ‐we can build a more extensive and well‐grounded argument by considering
    the notions of publicness, public goods, externalities, joint causation

Anti‐libertarian institutions

Public transportation

 ‐the railwork

Conscription and involuntary servitude

Public education

Public healthcare

Welfare and redistributive justice

Social security

PAYG will only act to allocate the risk of falling per capita
  production to the next generation!

The War on Drugs

Protectionism: tariffs, subsidies, quotas

A dearmed citizenry

The contemporary prison system