Sound, synthesis and audio reproduction

This text is meant to be an introduction to modern sound systems, human hearing, sound synthesis and processing and related topics. This document does not aim at anything very significant, except possibly at entertaining the reader. As such, some mistakes may well have slipped through. If they have, tell me. Otherwise, don’t expect anything. You should take this as a disclaimer…


What is the audio page all about?
Sound as a physical phenomenon
Some facts about the physics of sound.
Hearing, physiological and psychological aspects of
A brief treatment of human hearing and related processes (being written)
Sound analysis and visualisation
Common analysis and visualisation techniques for audio data (being written)
Sound synthesis
Synthesis methods explained
Sound processing and effects
Effects and editing methods covered
Control, modulation and patching
Synthesis and effects algorithm control strategies explained
Audio transport
This chapter tackles all the differents sorts of transports we use to convey sound (being written)
References and selected further reading
References for the work and some good starting points for further exploration are given


APPENDIX: Audio coding/compression
Ever wonder what makes sound compressors work so well? Click and find out. (being written)
APPENDIX: Trackers, modules and sampling
In computer circles, tracking is still the way to go. Now we explain the technology side.


Digression: commercial synthesis methods
Commercial synthesis methods and how they relate to the terminology used here.
Digression: commercial sound effects algorithms
Commercial sound effects algorithms and how they relate to the terminology used here.
Digression: synthesis tips and tricks
Some useful guidelines and ideas for utilizing synths and effects to their max.