Digression: commercial synthesis methods

Names Advanced Wave Modulation (AWM), Realtime Convolution and Modulation (RCM)
Class Wavetable, FM
Products Yamaha: SY99
Details Yamaha’s combination of FM and wavetable synthesis, with a limited possibility of FM modulation of wavetables and vice versa.
Strong and weak points
Names Linear Arithmetic (LA)
Class Additive, wavetable
Products Roland: D‐50, MT‐32
Details A sampled attack with a single cycle looped wave plus filtering algorithm with low resource requirements. Has a characteristic sound, but is surprisingly versatile. Roland’s implementation also allows multiplicative combination of the steady‐state and attack portions, leading to nice distorted attacks. I guess the nice, distinctive electric piano sound of the L/A series synths might employ this method.
Strong and weak points
Names Z‐plane
Class Subtractive, wavetable
Products E‐mu: Morpheus
Details A high order realtime modulatable subtractive synthesis algorithm. Filter configurations and modulation routings are largely fixed to prevent distortion.
Strong and weak points
Names TransWave
Class Wavetable
Products Ensoniq: TS12
Details Ensoniq’s combination of wavestacking and wave sequencing.
Strong and weak points
Names Intermodulation
Products Roland: JD‐990
Strong and weak points