When I first truly got interested in audio systems a couple of years back, it was very difficult to find any serious sites on the subject. To some extent, this is still the case. My goal has been to consolidate some of the more interesting aspects of modern audio systems into a readable (and hopefully not totally boring) exposition. I hope that this page will in time fulfill this hope. It started out as a highschool project of mine (on sound and hearing only, at the time) and has since expanded considerably. If you have any suggestions or corrections, do contact me.

Understandably, this project will not happen over night; expect additional material in the future. In addition to being the master replica, this document also serves as a disposition and a testbed: there are many chapters with only headings at this time and most of the chapters already seemingly finished are really just drafts—betas, if you will. This means that this document will evolve as a whole as the project comes of age.