Digression: traditional psychoacoustic demonstrations

The precedence (Haas) effect

 ‐Dolby Surround
 ‐delay panning

Difference tones and the missing fundamental

 ‐organ tones
 ‐the crystal receiver effect

Interaural phase differences and sound localization

 ‐pan/detune of simple vs. complex sounds
 ‐phase vs. arrival time differences

Multivalued pitch, inharmonic sounds and the Shepard scale


Beating, roughness and dissonance

 ‐with sines vs. with complex tones


 ‐easy examples
 ‐maximal unheard noise


e.g. by common modulation or spectral envelope

Gestalt rules: the streaming phenomenon

 ‐e.g. in acid baselines
 ‐in general (proximity, similarity, continuation)