No ghosts

To put it simply, I’m a virulent materialistic atheist, and a strong agnostic. In a more civilized fashion, I’m somewhat disaffected with the thing they call religion. Put it whichever way you like, this seems to me like the right time to start writing a little something about my non‐belief.

In general

The first part of these pages concerns itself with wider statements and interpretations of us atheists’ non‐belief.

A Blunt Atheist FAQ
A blunter, shorter than usual FAQ about atheism
Atheistic quotes
Nothing less than quotable, for a bright

Fallacies and rebuttals

Secondly, I’d like to rebut some of the obvious logical fallacies so popular amongst the good people of faith.

The Argument from Emotion
A rebuttal of the theist Argument from Emotion

Atheist lifestyle

The third part is about how atheists live, think and exist. Truth be told, this is far more interesting than the cold logic we use to pester theists. So, have a look. It might just be we’re not the kind of beasts you think we are.

My atheism
A few remarks on why I am an atheist, and how
The Moral Atheist
A rebuttal of the theist position that morality flows from religion
How Should an Atheist Die?
Some personal thoughts on how atheists should relate to death
What Does it Feel Like to Be an Atheist?
My early start into tomorrow morning’s national public radio interview
One more symbol for atheism
My suggestion for an atheistic symbol, presuming something like that is needed
Atheist T‐shirts
Some free atheist emblems for T‐shirts