Atheist T‐shirts

A month back I had a sudden idea for an atheist T‐shirt. So I thought, if I have more of them, why not make a page out of them? From here on I’ll pile the designs here as I come up with them. The site copyright applies to this page too, so they’re free even for commercial use.

God is a Four Letter Word

This design is based on the idea that the Hebrew Tetragrammaton consists of four consonant symbols. Since a four letter word denotes a curse in English, it’s just appropriate that an atheist would link it to the True Name of the Judeo‐Christian‐Islamic God.

[Design for an atheist T-shirt, based on the Hebrew Tetragrammaton]

Gastronomic Fish

This one on the other hand is based on the idea that the Ikhthus, better known as the Jesus Fish, really was derived from gastronomy, long before it became a legend, and then via a few turns a symbol for the early Christians. Mind you, it took the form of a bunch of greek letters back then, but via some letterology, bad transcription, entrepreneurial hallucination, and ecclestiatic sanction, a bona fide fish graphic it became. To this date, via the Catholic precept of transsubstantiation, it retains some of its more edible qualities; apparently a Messiah just tastes better, or fishier, whichever way you happen to like it. Also paradoxically, fish as such is healthy for you, even on Sabbath and Sunday. Separately so, of course.

[Design for an atheist T-shirt, based on the Koine Greek Ikhthus]

Wheel of Fortune

Then a derivation of the Spoke. This is basically a pagan symbol, which was coopted by the Christian church once it gained power. It is less well known than many others, but in Christian theology quote as powerful. It is also part of the etymology of the Jesus Fish, above, and it wasn't originally just four-spoked. It could have been anything between three and eight, while usually being even numbered and either six or eight. Eventually it was ecclesiastically simplified to the four spoked one, in the upright position.

Given the tie between them yankee 2nd Amendment fundamentalists and Christian faith, I find it rather hilarious that they both should sanctify a crosshair. With neither really knowing the symbol is far older than either (cf. e.g. Sun Cross).

[Design for an atheist T-shirt, based on the pagan Spoke symbol]