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Information on me, Sampo Syreeni
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All kinds of stuff by me. Only music for now.
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My CV. Just so that it’s available when needed.
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In a nutshell
Name Sampo Antero Syreeni
Pronunciation ˈsɑmm.pɔ ˈɑnn.te.rɔ ˈsy.reː.nĭ
Aliases decoy, ssyreeni, beacon
Born 1978–09–08
NID 080978–0173
Email decoy@iki.fi
Website http://www.iki.fi/~decoy/front
IRC IRC‐galleria
ICQ 131924286
Phone numbers
GSM +358–50–5756111
Work +358–50–4820809
Snail mail Pihlajatie 30 a 15
FI00270 Helsinki
OpenPGP key
Public key as ASCII [gpgdecoy.asc]
Key ID 050985C2
Fingerprint 025E D175 ABE5 027C 9494 EEB0 E090 8BA9 0509 85C2
Account Bank Account number IBAN SWIFT/BIC
Use account Nordea 108535–63391 FI50 1085 3500 0633 91 NDEAFIHH
Savings account Nordea 108535–128392 FI44 1085 3500 1283 92 NDEAFIHH
GeekCode GAT d−−@ s++: a27 C++++ UL++++ !P L++ E−−−− W+++$ N+ o? K++ w−− O− M− V−− PS+++ PE++ Y++@ PGP++ t+(−) 5++(−) X++(−) R− tv− b++ DI++$ D+ G++ e>+++ h−−− r++ y*(+++)
MBTI type I*NTp