Curriculum Vitæ

Name Syreeni, Sampo Antero
  • SGML/XML and various XML related technologies (XLink etc.)
  • Particular familiarity with XSLT and XPath
  • A comprehensive grasp of RDF and some exposure to the wider Semantic Web
  • Omnimark, a language meant for the processing of structured documents
  • A lasting interest in Unicode/ISO 10646
  • HTML (versions from 3.0 upto 4.01, and a renewed interest in HTML5), XHTML (versions from 1.0 and Modularization, to date), WAI and other Web technologies
  • A workable grasp of Java, JavaScript, C, C++, distributed computing, P2P, data compression and DSP
  • Data warehousing, Oracle, data model design, SQL, PL/SQL, and Informatica experience
  • Experience in public speaking: among others, I’ve appeared in the Finnish national public radio and some prominent publications, multiple times
  • Some i18n, CJK and Unicode experience
  • Some exposure to cryptography, digital watermarking and distributed reputation systems (Webs of Trust)
  • At one time I wrote a hefty bunch of (Borland) Pascal, as a hobby
Work experience
  • Since March 2004 I’m branching out into databases and data warehouses
  • Since September 1999 I worked in Nokia’s Business Infrastructure division as a part time trainee in documentation conversion applications
  • Through the summer of 1999, I was in Nokia Telecommunications/Switching Platforms’ SGML conversion project
  • In 1999 I worked intermittently as a highschool teacher’s substitute in Lahti (Kannas and Salpausselkä highschools)
  • Before that, I worked over one summer as a technical assistant for the Fourth Pharmacy of Lahti, Finland.
  • I started studies in Helsinki University in the fall of 1997
    • Major subject: mathematics
    • Minor subjects: computer science and economics
    • Study units completed till the end of 2003: 140 of 160 (normative breadth of the degree of MSc.)
    • At about fall 2008, after finally having started my thesis work, I saw it fit to drop out.
Positions of trust held
Hobbies and interests
  • Human rights, civil liberties and freedom of information activism
  • Computers and webmasterdom
  • Audio systems and Ambisonics; listening to and making music
  • Science fiction plus other literature
  • Movies and cinematic technology
  • ODP editing
  • Webring maintenance