On this page, there is some music available, courtesy of beacon enterprises. (Later there should be other things as well, I hope…) I’ve been into music making for some time now, on and off. It’s nothing serious, just a little hobby of mine. If you like, listen and tell me how the tunes fare. A word of caution, though: I dig techno. Not Scooter or Toybox but the real, menacing, underground kind. The one that gives you bad dreams and sore ears. The influence is there, then, so be forewarned…


My music
Item Category File(s) Description
"koan" Easy listening Easy listening with a proper beat
"alia" Jungle Something like jungle, only a bit more tasteless
"drone 1" Acid Made with Buzz. A bit more stylish than the earlier ones, IMO
"smokin" Techno/d’n’b Buzz. All in all, weird noise.
"drop" Techno/d’n’b What can I say… Weird noise…
"tee" Progressive This one’s really on the edge. ’Hope it works.