Site privacy statement

The site collects only information found in server access logs, also known as clickstream information. The information is not individually identifiable, although it does indicate what has been fetched from the site, how and when. The data is used solely for statistical purposes, in order to improve the site and to monitor its progress. What little information is gathered is publicly available as site statistics. There is no retention, and the data is, basically, indefinitely available. The raw log data can also be accessed by the administrator of the ISP the site resides on (currently Helsinki university).

The contents of any private communication with the author may, and occasionally will, be publicly disseminated. I don’t keep secrets I explicitly haven’t promised I will.

Any disputes which may arise over this policy will be settled privately, as a matter of common courtesy. If it is found, however, that the site is in violation of the law in the jurisdiction it resides in (currently the server is in Finland), the matter may be pursued in the appropriate court. Any questions or comments you may have you can send directly to the author. Information on how to contact me can be found on my page of personal details.