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Date That which is nu
2006–02–04 New stuff on data representation; the atheist corner has swollen for quite a while; the Libertarian #FAQ/# is beginning to take its shape; returned some old tunes online thanks to increased space
2004–01–03 Removed the link pages; reorganized the front page and the directory hierarchy; started building the libertarian FAQ; added some quotes
2003–07–22 RDF transforms work again; implemented Creative Commons metadata; added stuff to the static RDF; added an article on how I think atheists should die; added an article on the importance of logic and good argumentation; went over my webrings; updated snailmail addresses
2002–09–17 New webrings; moved libertarian stuff out of the front page and started incorporating it into The Diaries; the Diaries are now accumulating a lengthy disposition; turned 24, corrected pages to reflect the fact; new stuff in my CV
2002–07–23 Some new RDF ontology work; a frontpage for the RDF work; Osasto is dead, removed it from bookmarks (sad…); a note on DAML properties online; a FOAF template semi‐online
2002–07–02 N3 now comprehensive; some RDF schemata online; all of N3 and RDF Schema now available; XSchema stuff removed—I can’t imagine what got into me in the first place; a portrait of me now online; document metadata now gathered into RDF
2002–06–18 Some N3 RDF now online; new campaigns and technologies on the support page; a list of technologies used on the site about page; a todo page is up
2002–05–27 I’m a part of a number of webrings, now; a proposal to mark OpenContent with recycling symbols is now online; raised a few points about the proper meaning of war; revised version of the NLF rebuttal now up; some progress with the Libertarian diaries dispositions; articles started on the basic facts of libertarianism and fines as a means of law enforcement; new symbology in page trailers: for site top, for the email contact, to signal that copyright has been waved and to signal that the code is validated; P3P now working
2002–03–11 The WAP and i‐mode sites are up
2002–03–06 Incorporated libertarian TOP10 bookmarks by Patrick Uotinen; the NLF critique is accumulating a version history; started collecting quotes; Libertarian Diaries is beginning to take shape, alas, only as a disposition; I’m beginning to think the music aesthetics article might finally finish, this year ;)
2002–01–10 Finished my critique of the NLF; kicked off a new page with some of my poetic impulses…
2001–12–08 Style changes and bugbashing, they never stop; thin spaces and zero width no‐break spaces are no longer used around em dashes (—); started a new project called Libertarian diaries; the first part is a critique of Mike Huben’s A Non‐Libertarian FAQ; page bottom banners are now simpler, and do not utilize tables; the site is again a bit closer to being WAI compliant
2001–11–15 One of my LTE’s just got published; added a parody of an anti‐capitalism page
2001–11–08 Smaller font size for the newer Mozilla; site navigation vastly improved under link‐element capable browsers; lots of files renamed, external links may die; navigation bars discarded in favor of link elements: embrace or die
2001–10–18 Added some new notes on Buffy and a link to Osasto; a couple of words on Osama and transliteration; the style is again giving me headaches; started accumulating a personal bookmarks file online—who uses browser functionality anyway, when better methods are available?; killed the Finnish links pages: don’t have the enthusiasm to keep them up to date
2001–09–16 Created a new color scheme, unused for now; added a couple of old LTEs, added a link to DEFENS on the front page; continued the IP and electronica articles; page status now marked by a left hand repeating ticker; individual PICS labels for each page, derived from a common metarating; minor style changes; removed a couple of tunes in anticipation of upcoming site bloat; decided to take part in an intellectual property essay contest, the essay is now online
2001–07–17 Started what I think will be a series of IP abolition related articles; fixes to the style and stylesheet references; the first version of the KP article is now done; finally managed to write a bit about Japan; at long last, PICS labels are functional; wrote a sort of rebuttal to EiE’s Just Harmless Fun?; added an LTE on workplace drug testing
2001–05–20 Established a new area for those fleeting thoughts not likely to reach sufficient maturity for entire articles real soon, yet evocative enough to warrant being put into writing
2001–05–06 Killed frames in the links section, as frames aren’t supported by XHTML 1.1
2001–05–04 Added an explanation of the dc‐mono style; went through the stylesheet support of the XHTML modules; it now fully supports the Forms and Presentation modules; the stylesheet itself is now modular, and style selection functionality is finally properly implemented; raised style version to 1.1; factored the style a little further, defaulting now works in Opera and, to a degree, in Internet Explorer; killed the blue left hand margin for more screen real estate; started articles on sampling basics and kiddyporn
2001–04–20 The stylesheet now specifies all CSS2 properties; CSS3 will start its debut, soon; MathML rendering just got a bit better; first steps have been taken to enable XSchema validation of the mixed schemata XML content; lang attributes have been removed in favor of xml:lang and (deprecated) style attributes have been removed altogether: the site now validates to XHTML 1.1; the style sheet now supports ruby markup via the CSS3 ruby module, and the first ruby markup is in place
2001–04–06 Revamped the style system, once again; a preliminary CSS2 aural stylesheet is now done; CSS loading should be a little bit faster now; some personal data (GeekCode and OpenPGP key) added
2001–03–14 Added a sort of anti‐copyright notice to the site; plus the Buffy article just keeps on developing on its titillating course
2001–02–15 Finished with the Buffy article; rearranged the site front page a bit; new Unicode characters: and
2001–02–12 The stylesheet has been somewhat extended, e.g. to have a separate print style; new fonts and font fallbacks are in place; started writing the Buffy/BDSM text; added language sensitive quoting; some authoring features added to the stylesheet; started to add markup for acronyms/abbreviations—that took a bit of scripting to make the workload bearable; once again all data is visible; started reverting tables to automatic layout; started adding summaries to site tables; content negotiation has undergone a complete overhaul: there are no more var‐files and the server finally notifies the browser that UTF‐8 has been used as the character encoding; started to adapt the error pages returned by the server in hopes that not quite so many people will be immediately driven off by minor errors; reading Hayek’s classic Road to Serfdom urged me to write a bit about the Net and the slow death of classical liberalism
2001–01–23 Still little new content; taked up writing a little something about Buffy and BDSM; opted once again for a complete overhaul of the site’s style system; it hit me that section numbering is sort of paperish—it’s gone
2000–12–11 Typography has been improved a bit: proper, curved quotes are now used, as are ellipses, dashes instead of hyphens and nonbreakable space in selected locations; even a few selected Kanji have appeared; the stylesheet has been rewritten to work with XML and broken in half to faciliatate user selection of stylesheets in the future; metadata has been added all over the site; rehid unstarted material; the first tryouts with MathML are complete; started a new article on text, writing and technology; added page bottom stamps; changed hyphen‐minuses to true Unicode hyphens and apostrophes to curly single quotes—surprisingly enough the former seems to break Windows’ standard fonts, even when they properly display normal hyphen‐minuses and even the longer of dashes
2000–11–07 The site now uses a single, common style sheet; a number of images have been removed—the site should work faster now; internal sdata entity references for the handling of international characters have been supplanted by UTF‐8 throughout the site, the documents are now standalone XML; finally updated the online version
2000–10–26 Went through the site changing alt‐texts and adding separate longdesc‐descriptions for images to make the site more accessible; added link‐elements to bind the site together
2000–06–03 Added the first online version of my CV; exposed all hitherto invisible data; reorganized the sound tutorial appendix material to create a new document (dspmath); added some new material on dynamics processing (dsound) and vector spaces (dspmath); established this news page and moved the site information data into the root of the page hierarchy; proceeded to take up writing some stuff on musical æsthetics and the fundamentals of color