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As all Matrix cognoscenti know, the machines use humans to extract otherwise unavailable entropy, randomness, which is fed into fusion generators that would otherwise get stuck because of the well‐known quantum boredom effect.

It’s superficially similar to mass media principles, and there is at least one PhD thesis that claims that machines use humans for entertainment.

Of course, one cannot expect comprehension of the above by those still stuck in geodesic mud.

― Morlock Elloi, on cypherpunks

You spell like a retarded Mongoloid who learned English from a Polak raised by wolves.

― one bad‐ass female boss in Hard Awakening

Miks’ aikuiset tekee niin vähän kivaa, vaikka niitten ei tartte pyytää lupaa vanhemmilta?

On paskapuhetta sanonta, että asiat riitelevät, eivät ihmiset. Tosiasiassa faktat riitelevät todella harvoin—ihmiset ovat ne jotka riitelevät.

― Jari Sarasvuo

As I was watching the coverage of the Tim McVeigh execution, I couldn’t help think that it was bigger than the coverage of the moon landing in 1969.

One of Tim’s colleages called it Bloodstock.

― David Honig answering to Eric Cordian on cypherpunks

A guy in my office served as a reserve medic in Saudi during our War to Defend Cheap Gasoline.

One night, they had to make up papers to get a female Marine onto a medical transport out of the country on zero notice—she had—in public—worn her uniform with the sleeves rolled up in the proper military manner. A religious cop hit her with his cane.

Hitting a US Marine with a stick is not smart thing to do. She took the cane and gave him drubbing. Within hours she was out of the country, on medical grounds. Her health was at stake—the Saudis wanted to have her executed.

For all that we (with justification) worry about the USG’s penchant for killing it’s citizens in cold blood, the governments of Saudi and Singapore kill their citizens at 10× the rate of the US.

― Peter Trei answering to some Saudi‐bashing on cypherpunks

Besides, if the police and narcs take to sneaking into folks’ homes at night, without a warrant, then obviously their hives deserve to be mcveighed. Even if they’ve installed some rugrats as human shields. Eggs breaking and all that.

Nothing surprises me anymore. They all need killing. Tens of thousands of them at the very least.

― Tim May doing his usual thing on cypherpunks

Seriously, Tim, are you just going to continue to fart around here and in Usenet for another 10 years, or are you going to do something to propagate your views?

I’d suggest a video game.

There would be white trash (like you), Jews, Blacks… Some specific personalities: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton… For good measure, you should include yourself.

The dialog should be variable, choices of politically correct, anti‐ semitic, anti‐black (Welfare mutants ―TimMay). Anti‐Democratic, anti‐Republican. Plugins for other countries.

Choice of paintball or bloody death mode.

You get the idea.

Don’t you want to profit from a game that allows you to shoot down Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton AND cause a free speech furor (heil!).

Your current attempts (<they> need killing) are pathetic.

― George@Orwellian.Org bashing Tim May on cypherpunks

By the way, I consider Teller to be one of the most ethically forthright public figures I’ve encountered. He has argued against classification of secrets except in rare circumstances (troop movements, submarine positions, nuclear bomb designs). I heard him make this point eloquently at a lecture I attended in 1972 or so. It always stuck with me.

You might find Sam Cohen’s Shame (published by Xlibris.com, ie. self‐published) interesting. After he discusses his mother’s infliction of enemas on himself, he gets into the ethics of neutron weapons, which he invented and thinks is a pretty cool solution for lots of geopolitical problems.

He’s part of the jewish nuclear conspiracy, but not the hungarian jewish nuclear conspiracy like Teller, von Neumann, etc.

― David Honig pointing Tim May to interesting reading materials

Computer games don’t affect kids. I mean if Pacman affected us as kids, we’d all run around in darkened rooms munching pills and listening to repetitive music.

― An anonymous writer. On techno, of course.

chmod a+x /bin/laden; exec /bin/laden

― Syberghost’s signature, on Slashdot


― Tim May on cypherpunks

Netissä tappeleminen on kuin kilpailisi vammaisten olympialaisissa; voit toki voittaa mutta olet yhä vammainen.

― Kumiankka, Puolitotuudella

The two things that matter the most to me: emotional resonance and rocket launchers. Party of Five, a brilliant show, and often made me cry uncontrollably, suffered ultimately from a lack of rocket launchers.

― Joss Whedon, Audio Commentary for Innocence

We are all born charming, fresh and spontaneous and must be civilized before we are fit to participate in society.

― Judith Martin

Tekno: Lihas supistuu. Minä olen kone.

― Tero Ylä‐Anttila

Ydinvoima on vaarallista. Kun se räjähtää, kaikki kuolee paitsi teräsmies, joka voi paeta lentämällä. Ydinvoimasta ei ole myöskään mitään hyötyä paitsi pahoille ihmisille.

― Maria Sairanen, 4 vuotta (Helsingin Sanomat 30.9.2002)

We be nice to you, if you be nice to us.

― Gollum, in Lord of the Rings

Mr & Mrs Smith: The No Child Should Fear Act of 2015 requires that your proposed son have the bullying gene deleted if he is to attend publicly funded schools. This is similar to the old requirements for vaccination—we don’t want your son to endanger other children, do we?

― Peter Trei, on eugenics

This page has gone buh‐bye. I got bored with it, and I don’t bother with things that bore me. I would apologize, but I’m not sorry. So you can all kindly fuck off now.

― My one‐time immediate successor in the Cynical Atheists webring

Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced.

― An anonymous signature

A woman serving in a charity shop tried to get me to agree with her that foreigners speaking non‐European languages sounded as though they were just making stupid noises.

I wasn’t too sure how to respond to this, so went for the I’m on your side, but profoundly disagree with what you are saying approach

She then went on (after I’d tried to explain that a lot of jazz seemed to be meaningless to me because I had never tried to listen to it) to tell me that everyone in the world enjoys listening to The Three Tenners.

I had to explain that this was not in fact true, and that though I could agree with her that Garage could be a miserable experience, I would start to chew the carpet if I was made to listen to The Three Tenners for an extended duration!

Basically I like the industrial stuff I said…
Ah, but you are young said she.
44 says I.

But she had trouble believing this too…and insisted that I was 27.

― RideFlame, proving on TCS that not all discussions are worth it

I mean, I can’t be the only one who’s parents made them quiver with terror at the mere mention of the fluffy toothed ones, can I?

For those of you who had parents who cared and therefore don’t understand, it goes like this: the parent describes the bunny as a hairy creature, with big teeth and big ears, that lives in a hole in the ground. However, they don’t also mention that the bunny is a) small b) cute c) hasn’t got fangs and d) only eats grass.

So basically I thought bunnies were a sort of giant, hole‐dwelling troll. :( My parents never bothered retract their clumsy explanation of what a bunny is when they were having so much fun torturing me. Be quiet, or I’ll let the bunny rabbits have you! would keep me quiet for hours.

Apparently, it all came to end on my third day at school, when my primary school teacher asked me whether I wanted to help feed the bunny she had brought in. Though I don’t remember it myself, they say it took about 45 minutes to coax me out from under the headmaster’s car…

― ChewCandlewax, on bunnies, lying parents and consequences

Juutalaismusiikki on mielestäni nautittavinta silloin, kun se on sopeutettu postmoderniin länsimaiseen viihdemusiikkikontekstiin eli raiskattu globaalin kapitalismin näkymättömällä vehkeellä.

― Mikko Ellilä kulttuurin ja talouden siteistä

he + she + it = shit

her + his + its = shit’s

― Christopher Hinson on genderless pronouns, on intp

All science is either physics or stamp‐collecting.

― Ernest Rutherford

Your breasts just started to develop?

From a geological point of view, yes.

― Celia Roing, slapping back Gracie Groove on intp

Koirat ovat helpompia kuin lapset. Kun ne tulevat raskaaksi, jälkikasvun voi myydä.

― Toni Heinonen, paraphrased from an online comment