decoy’s RDF bookmarks

RDF seems like something which is going to hit it big, within the next couple of years. I’ll batch interesting links, schemata and namespaces on this page as time goes by.


Name/source Prefix URI Description
FOAF foaf: A vocabulary to describe people. Easily the most widely spread RDF application after RSS.
Dublin Core dc: Publication metadata vocab.
RDF rdf:‐rdf‐syntax‐ns# Terms defined in the original RDF specification. Mostly having to do with reification.
RDF Schema rdfs:‐schema# RDFS definitions, like classes and properties. Highly useful.
CWM logic log: TimBL’s CWM’s logic primitives live here. Highly useful to describe the formal semantics of one’s primitives.
Contact con: Contact information for people and organisations.
Terms for the semantic web swn: Sean B. Palmer’s terms. A big of a mishmash. Useful with FOAF.
DAML+OIL daml: DAML is largely a restatement of RDFS, with some clarifications and extensions, plus more structure. The OIL part adds an explicit concept of ontologies.
Home home: Again, a mishmash of useful terms.
Wordnet Schema wnc: Schema for Princeton’s extensive concept vocabulary.
Doc doc: Document metadata. Useful with FOAF and DC.
WOT wot: WOT stuff. Digital signatures for RDF and FOAF, made easy.
Myers‐Briggs Type Indicator mbti: I’m INTP. ;)
Concept vocabs
Name/source Prefix URI Description
Wordnet concepts wn: Princeton’s excellent concept vocabulary. 50000+ nouns. Absolutely essential.
Infomesh terms im:,2001‐12‐08:info: Sean B. Palmer’s terms. Used a couple of them…

Projects and people

A Semantic Web spider with an SVG interface. Evil.