decoy’s libertarian bookmarks

On this page, the libertarian TOP10 and Bubbling under have been gathered by Patrick Uotinen. I extend thanks to him. The rest of this page consists of bookmarks added by me. They should not be confused with Patrick’s contribution.


Cato Institute
A giant among giants. An influential libertarian thinktank, their pages contain a wealth of interesting studies on subjects societal, columns, what‐have‐you. If you’re looking for professional, high quality libertarian viewpoints on societal matters, you’d do best by starting here.
The Economist
Not really a libertarian publication, but market liberal in any case. The Economist often surprises with its radical pro individual liberty opinions.
Centre for the New Europe
A pan‐European market liberal institute which fights e.g. tariffs, in five languages.
Reason Online
The online version of the most notable libertarian periodical.
Library of Economics and Liberty
Many liberal classics online. Also see the publisher, Liberty Fund’s, site.
International Society for Individual Liberty
The largest international libertarian organization. The site also includes the directory promulgated by the former free‐
Advocates for Self‐Government
An organization specializing in libertarian propag…education.
Institute for Humane Studies
Organizes libertarian education for students. Also see Liberty Guide and Politopia.
Foundation for Economic Education
Likely the oldest libertarian organization in existence. Also see its bookstore, Laissez Faire Books.
Institute of Economic Affairs
A seasoned British market liberal institute.

Bubbling under

Libertarianism: A Primer
Part of the book is available for free online. A good introductory package for beginners.
Tech Central Station
An online publication, where free markets and technology meet. Also see one of its European versions.
Liberty Unbound
The online version of an insider magazine mainly aimed at the American audience.
Stockholm Network
A cooperative of European pro market economy institutes. Unfortunately the membership includes some conservative institutes as well.

Other institutions

Ludvig von Mises Institute
A hotbed of Austrian economists and, paradoxically, anarcho‐capitalists. Represents the radical conservative, or paleoconservative, wing of the libertarian movement.
Atlas Economic Research Foundation
These people aid libertarian institutes, thinktanks and the like around the world. They grant finance for high quality libertarian projects. Of course, the sieve is fairly tight… Their site features a comprehensive index of libertarian institutes, worldwide.

Noteworthy articles

F.A. Hayek’s excellent introduction to classical liberalism. Must‐read material to anyone aspiring to become a libertarian or trying to understand what libertarians and classical liberals are all about.


Where libertarians meet and trade: libertarian lodging, dating, goods, services, jobs, friends, forum, chat, articles, news, events, jokes, links.

Individual libertarians


Stephan Kinsella
One of the more well‐known anti‐IP libertarians
David Friedman
One of the foremost utilitarian libertarians. An anarcho‐capitalist and an economist.


Why is libertarianism wrong?
Paul Treanor’s forceful rebuttal of the libertarian point of view
Critiques Of Libertarianism
Mike Huben’s well known anti‐libertarian project